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Environment politics:

Having awareness on the affects to the natural environment and the necessity of improving our activity to protect it we commit ourselves to: acting in such a way to minimise harmful affects on the natural environment without negatively affecting the functioning of the company’s business in the process of production and its high quality of products, fulfilling legal requirements for environmental and other demands concerning company activities.

These goals we will realise through:

  • shaping the environmental conscience of personnel and co-operating companies
  • preventing pollution
  • aiming to limit usage of energy and raw materials through rational management
    • correct management monitoring of waste emergence
    • safe storage and correct dismantling
    • preventing environmental emergencies by constant monitoring of equipment and installations

We are deeply convinced that realisation of the environmental policy is hereby going to contribute to environmental protection and constant improvement of working conditions. Simultaneously, we hereby state to our personnel that environmental policy is communicated to all of the working persons for or on behalf of Colonel S.A.